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Justin G. Johnson


Justin Johnson joined MMR in 2016, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience working in federal, state, and municipal government in both the United States and Australia, and the respect of both government and business colleagues around the world.

Immediately prior to joining the firm Justin was the Secretary of Administration for the State of Vermont. In addition, he has worked for Democratic and Republican Governors in Vermont as Commissioner of Environmental Conservation and Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources.

Justin served on the board of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative for seven years and is a valuable and trusted source of information and advice for national and international clients seeking to navigate the regulations and policies related to carbon pricing.

Having spent three years as Chief of Staff to a member of the Australian Federal Parliament and as a senior executive at the Mornington Peninsula Shire, a large municipal government in the state of Victoria, Australia, Justin brings a valuable and knowledgeable understanding of international dynamics to our clients.

Apparently he doesn’t really understand what a hobby is because in his spare time Justin has served as a Member of the Governmental Advisory Committee to the U.S. EPA Administrator on the development of U.S. policy positions regarding implementation of the environmental Supplemental Agreements to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Justin has also chaired the Barre City citizen budget committee, served as President of the White River Partnership, and as President of Washington County Farm Bureau.

In 2015 Justin was the winner of the prestigious USEPA Ira Leighton “In Service to States” Award, just the second person to receive this award.

He holds a BA (Journalism) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Justin and his family live in Barre, VT.