Whether it’s short-term government relations or long-term strategic and project management, we lead with creative strategies to tackle any challenge. From our basecamp in Montpelier, Vermont, we focus on Government Relations and Issue Advocacy and Public Relations and Communications to meet your needs in the State House and in the community. Our global reach allows us to lead on multistate, national and international issues. Our team has experience in the private and public sectors – working in business, at the federal level, internationally and in the highest levels of state government.


We have more than 150 years of combined experience representing clients before legislatures and regulatory agencies. We are a Vermont government relations firm with a dynamic multistate practice and a record of delivering results on a broad range of policy issues.

    • Government relations and lobbyingADVOCATE. Our government relations work is guided by honesty, hard work and dedication. This approach has solidified MMR as a trusted resource and go-to firm for countless businesses and organizations in Vermont and around the globe. With more than 150 years combined experience we have built concrete relationships with policymakers, advocates and the media that allow us to advocate effectively on behalf of our clients.
    • Multi-state government affairs THINK NATIONAL. Our clients are often tackling difficult issues in more than one state. MMR is retained for our ability to manage complex issues on multiple levels. We have cultivated lasting relationships with governors and their administrations around the country, through our work in the Hall of States and with statewide organizations. Our proven national track record and our network of partners allow us to seamlessly lead coordinated campaigns on multiple fronts.
    • Grassroots and grass tops coalition building STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. We know there is strength in numbers. That is why our team has the skill to build strong, diverse coalitions of support for our clients. Some issues require an army of citizens, others more targeted support from community leaders. Coalition building is one of the most effective tools we deploy to demonstrate support for our client’s interests.
    • International Agreements – GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY/GLOBAL RISK. Increasingly our clients are seeing that international trade and environmental agreements are opening doors or creating challenges. Our expertise and global network of contacts in government give our clients an edge in a fast-changing landscape.



In today’s 24-hour news cycle, fed by online sources and social media, managing information flow is critical. Our clients depend on MMR for much more than government relations. We have the skills to positively shape public discourse and define public image for our clients. We manage media relations and are called on to handle fast- paced crisis situations. We are called on to offer media training and guidance to prepare clients to make the most of good news and proactively manage bad news.

    • Public relations #POSITION. As the old saying goes, “perception is reality” and the Internet has transformed that reality to a fast-moving target. Today, it is impossible to manage an organization’s image only through occasional press releases. We work with our clients to develop comprehensive outreach and public messaging plans designed for today’s challenges. A well-run effort includes an integrated public relations strategy to position our clients for success.
    • Strategic communications WORDS MATTER. Knowing your audience and delivering a message that will resonate is what MMR does best. We work with our clients to develop and implement communications plans that range from straightforward direct communications to complex and multi-channel efforts. Words are weapons and words are tools. Knowing the difference between the two is critical.
    • Crisis management and communicationsBAD DAYS DEFINE YOU. An avalanche, a wrong turn, bad weather….it’s what every company and organization fears: a toxic spill, a workplace accident, or a damaging lawsuit. These are the types of issues that translate to a hit on your public image and can cause irreversible damage. In a crisis situation, we understand that what happens next is what matters most. When bad days strike, clients trust MMR to provide clear, focused leadership and effective communication to steer them through the storm.
    • Community relations IT’S A SMALL WORLD, AFTER ALL. Built on a foundation of trust and respect, MMR has developed strong relationships with community leaders all across Vermont and in states around the country. Clients rely on MMR to lead community outreach and to help build support when needed.



It is a major challenge for clients. How do they navigate the sea of forms, applications, rules, hearings and state and federal agencies and departments necessary to build and grow their organizations? That’s where we come in. With decades of experience at all levels of government inside and out, we will lead you through the process, every step of the way with strategies to minimize delays and maximize opportunities.

    • Regulatory affairsNAVIGATE. When a client needs support working through the complex and time-consuming regulatory process, they call us. MMR has a highly experienced regulatory team in the state. We have the skill to successfully facilitate communication among members of project teams and decision makers and ensure clients have a voice in their interactions with government. This allows clients to maximize the talents of their team, minimize delay, and avoid common project pitfalls. As attorneys and former government officials, MMR has a deep understanding of the substantive regulatory challenges in Vermont, and, more importantly, the ability to navigate the process effectively.
    • ProcurementPARTNER. State governments are increasingly relying on the private sector to manage programs, cut costs and improve government efficiency. Government business is a huge growth sector, but making sure your company or organization is seen as a trusted partner, and having the critical information and connections with key state leaders can mean the difference between success and failure in procurement efforts. Clients rely on MMR to monitor these opportunities closely. MMR has helped our clients achieve great success in this arena; navigating political waters and creating lasting relationships for the long term benefit of our clients.
    • Program DesignGETTING IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Governments around the world are designing multi state, regional and international carbon pricing mechanisms that affect our clients.  We are there on the ground as our client’s trusted navigator and with a deep understanding of the impacts of various approaches across the globe.



When clients are in need of resources to advance an important project or initiative, we sign on. Project management is about leadership and mission focus. We use our skills to help clients stay organized while leveraging the right talent to see a project through.

    • Project management and consulting servicesADVANCE. Clients think of us as another member of their team. Building on their strengths, we have time tested project management skills to help your team succeed. Budgets, timelines, priorities, must all be managed seamlessly. We offer an outside perspective and new ideas to lead and advise on projects with confidence. Clients turn to us to bolster existing resources to advance a new initiative, make new connections and get tough things done. We use project management processes to keep our clients on time and on budget.
    • Project design and developmentHOW TO MAKE THE NEW WORLD WORK FOR YOU. We can offer an international perspective on what works, and what doesn’t. How will our clients benefit from a different approach to carbon pricing, where is the private capital flowing, which efforts are going to challenge our clients – most importantly, when should you push for change and when should you back off?